University of Calgary Student Chapter

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President: Matilde Tomaselli, DVM, PhD candidate,

Vice President: Michelle North, DVM, PhD candidate,

Faculty Advisor: Susan Kutz, PhD, Associate Professor,

Mission: Our mission is to acquire, disseminate, and apply knowledge of the health and diseases of wild animals in relation to their biology, conservation, and interactions with humans and domestic animals.


  • Education of students interested in wildlife health and disease about the profession, career opportunities, qualifications needed, research opportunities (internship, externship, summer jobs, and volunteer positions), interdisciplinary “team” based science
  • Enhancing the skills of students through seminars, workshops, conference opportunities, field trips and networking with other WDA Student Chapters. An interdisciplinary journal club will be established for student members and non-members using the Journal of Wildlife Disease as the main source for topics of discussion. We will promote the creation of a webinar based journal club between the different WDA Student Chapters so to foster national and international networking and collaboration among students.
  • Connecting students interested in wildlife health and disease with mentors at local and international level.
  • The student chapter will actively promote participation and interaction among faculties within the University of Calgary, including Veterinary Medicine, Biology, and Environmental Design, and any other individuals who may be interested from disciplines not traditionally associated with wildlife health, such as the Social and Community Health Sciences. Increased awareness of One Health and related concepts will be a primary focus of this chapter.

Number of members: Recruiting phase

Recommendation to Council by the SAC: Approval