Lectures Sponsored (or Co-sponsored) by the Carlton M. Herman Founders Fund of the WDA

The main activity supported by this fund is sponsoring presentations at WDA International Conferences, in some way related to wildlife population health and density and changes in habitat. The scope includes all animals, including the human species. Activities may also include funding of research, presentation of medals in acknowledgement of contributions, support of publications, or other activities as determined by the trustees of the Fund.

Outline of the “Carlton M. Herman Founder’s Fund

2019 - Pieter Johnson, University of Colorado, Boulder, “Why disease ecology needs behavioral biology”

2018 - Jon Paul Rodriguez, International Union for Conservation of Nature, SSC, “The role of the IUCN Species Survival Commission is saving the worlds species”  

2017 - Rodolfo Dirzo, “Anthropogenic impact on wildlife: consequences for disease regulation and risks for humans”

2016 - Peter Neuhaus, Adjunct Professor, Dept. of Biological Sciences, University of Calgary, "Impact of Parasites in Life-history Trade-offs and Demography in Sciuridae".

2015 - Not Awarded

2014 - Not Awarded

2013 - Peter Daszak, Ecohealth Alliance, "'Honey Bee Declines"

2012 - Dr. Marc Cattet, University of Saskatchewan, “Insights onto the interplay between environment, stress, health and population performance in Alberta grizzly bears”

2011- Dr. Sandra Telfer, University of Aberdeen, UK “Interactions between parasites and implications for host-parasite dynamics

2008 - Mark S. Hafner: "Disease, Wildlife Research and the PUblic's Perception of Risk"

2007 - André A. Dhont: “Mycoplasmal conjunctivitis in hose finches: host and disease dynamics in the introduced and native range of the host”

2006 - Gary A. Wobeser: “There are now a few gaps in our ignorance”

2005 - Peter Hudson, Pennsylvania State University: “How do parasites influence the ecology of their host populations? Studies on red grouse and their nematode, Trichostrongylus tenuis”.

2000 - Roy G. Bengis, Kruger National Park, South Africa (co-sponsored with AAWV): “Bovine Tuberculosis in the Kruger National Park.”

1998 - Brian D. Cooke, CSIRO, Australia: “Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease in Australia”

1997 - Louis. J. Guillette, Jr., University of Florida: “Environmental Contaminants and Alligator Embryos”

1994 - Hal Salwasser, University of Montana: “Wildlife Populations and Wildlife Health”

1992 -  Dr. Julio Carrera