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In addition to the Journal of Wildlife Diseases, a weekly e-news and quarterly newsletter, reduced conference registration and author page charges, WDA provides the following member-only benefits.  Please Login to access.

BioOne Complete: A database of 214 subscribed and open-access titles covering the biological, ecological, and environmental sciences.  This benefit is open to all WDA Regular, Student, Lifetime and Emeritus member

Conference Presentations: Videos of presentations made at Annual International WDA Conferences.

Out of Print Wildlife Disease Textbooks: Non-Infectious Diseases of Wildlife and Parasitic Diseases of Wild Mammals.

The Wildlife Professional: A collection of wildlife health/disease papers from a special issue of The Wildlife Professional.

1959-1975 Wildlife Disease article catalogue:
A collection of scientific papers published by the WDA in our original journal Wildlife Disease

Brucellosis Management in the Yellowstone Ecosystem: Information regarding brucellosis and management of elk, bison and cattle in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.

WDA Reports from the Field: An are where WDA members to share large data sets, collections of filed observations or data with a common theme but perhaps not a common research design. This data is not or has not been published elsewhere and may not fit most peer reviewed journal formats but may have real value to wildlife health professionals.

WDA Image Galleries: Home to photo collections from Tom Thorn, Beth Williams and Rick Botzler as well as many WDA members. We would like your help in populating the newest slide collection here with your best wildlife and wildlife health images. No people, group shots, personal images please.


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