Previous Reports

February 2019
WDA Small Grants: Translation, Editing and Distribution of the IUCN/SSC Tapir Specialist Group Tapir Veterinary Manual

November 2018

Proposed Attributes of National Wildlife Health Programs – A summarized report from the 2018 Annual International WDA Conference workshop.

November 2017

Pneu Dart: How long is too short? Points to consider when selecting cannula length for remote drug delivery.

June 2017

Anthrax, Spared Calf-Mortality, and Opposite Effects on Two Wildebeest Populations; One With Human Disturbance and One Without by Robert Gainer

April 2017
Bovine Tuberculosis Outreach Day - Organized by the TB in Wildlife Study Group.

June 2016
Treatment for Oiled Wild Birds in New Zealand by The Wildbase Oil Response Team at Massey University.

April 2016:
Allometric Scaling in Drug Dose Calculation by Charles J. Sedgwick

October 2014:
Sound and Fury: Non-Biological Sound for the Selective Capture of Rabies-Infected Bats by Dr. Denny Constantine