Information for JWD Author Videos (JWDV)

Guidelines for JWD Author Videos:


Authors of articles published in JWD can submit a video summary of their work to be advertised publicly free of charge. Short, 2-minute videos will be posted and highlighted at the WDA website, WDA YouTube channel, News and Announcements, WDA Facebook and Google Groups, with an accompanying link to your paper.


These videos will increase readership of your paper, facilitate members keeping up-to-date with new research, and attract some public attention to wildlife health work. These videos act as mini-conference presentations, giving the main message of the paper and what you have done. By necessity, the videos need to be light on materials and methods and detailed results.


Appealing materials that can be included are videos and/or images of your study species, field and laboratory techniques used, images of interesting terrain, peoples or problems encountered, as well as yourself and your colleagues. Audio voice over should be of good quality, succinct, and go along with the video or images being shown.


For examples of JWD author videos, please visit our YouTube channel. We encourage authors to look at the videos for ideas on various presentation styles. This is a new feature that we are experimenting with and it may become permanent. Currently there is no charge, but not all videos may be accepted.


If you would like to participate in this program, please contact Stuart Patterson, at or 
WDA Executive Manager, Dave Jessup at 



Videos should be no longer than 2 minutes in length (the average view time on our channel is 1 min 30sec, so please consolidate your message.)

A short title along with your name and institution will be added at the opening, so you may wish to dispense with introductions and get straight to the essence of your work.

You are encouraged to use the video as a tool to both promote your paper and spread the message of your research.

Please aim to keep the viewer's interest. Using videos and photos to illustrate your work are better than words.

Please think about the video as a very brief conference presentation. Many who work for universities or agencies may find that they have e-media units that are keen to help promote your work.

WDA reserves the right to select videos from those submitted and suggest necessary edits. Remember that these videos are on display to the general public and so consider the appropriateness of the images and be aware of any controversial issues.