Welcome to the Nordic Section of the Wildlife Disease Association

Recent highlights from the Nordic Section

During the past few years, the Nordic section has increased from 30 to over 50 members. Our next biennial meeting will take place, as is tradition, on an island.

This 24th NWDA meeting will be held in Finland during spring 2019. The scientific program will consist of summaries of the past two years of wildlife disease activities in the Nordic countries, followed by presentations of ongoing research. The conference is held in Scandinavian languages and in English. In addition to the formal portion of the meeting, there are always plenty of opportunities to enjoy the local wildlife and surroundings while meeting old and new friends. (For more information and registration details, please click the Meetings link above.)

Updates on wildlife disease issues and other news in the Nordic region can be found in WDA and EWDA newsletters.

NWDA Council (2019-2021):
Marja Isomursu, Finland, Chair Marja.isomursu@ruokavirasto.fi
Henrik Uhlhorn, Sweden, Treasurer Henrik.uhlhorn@sva.se
Mette Sif Hansen, Denmark, Secretary msha@sund.ku.dk
Anne Sofie Hammer, Denmark hammer@sund.ku.dk
Antti Oksanen, Finland antti.oksanen@ruokavirasto.fi
Caroline Bröjer, Sweden caroline.brojer@sva.se
Jørn Våge, Norway jorn.vage@vetinst.no
Bjørnar Ytrehus, Norway bjornar.ytrehus@nina.no

NWDA representative in WDA International committee (2019-2021):
Aleksija Neimane, Sweden aleksija.neimane@sva.se